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We apologize for any inconvenience if you are trying to reach us by phone.  We are working on having our phone issues corrected.  If you need to reach us, please email us at gardneranimalshelter.adoptions@gmail.com

Thank You

Gardner Animal Control Facility is committed to providing shelter, medical attention, food for the stray, homeless and surrendered animals in the Gardner & Hubbardston.  We will also those in need in the surrounding areas when we have space available.

We also provide education and assistance to the pet owners and public in need in Gardner & Hubbardston, as well as the surrounding areas when we have space available.

You Can Afford to Have Your Pet Spayed or Neutered. Click here to find a low-cost spay/neuter program empowered by PetSmart Charities and the ASPCA.

Be sure to keep your pet’s rabies vaccination up to date.

Protect your pets and your family – it’s the law.